Private and Unreleased content in support of The Politics of Care
for First Person Plural

Thank you for taking the time to review our application and our work. We appreciate it. Note: everything sounds best with speakers or headphones,
Gugu and Dylan

South Africa - work in progress

Onebeat 2018 - work developed in Florida


CALL IT is a trio of vivacious musicians and engaged activist-educators - Gugulethu Duma from Cape Town, South Africa, Akinyemi from Queens, New York, and Dylan Greene from Vancouver, British Columbia. Through their combined Xhosa-South African, Nigerian-American, and Chinese-Canadian heritage, they seek to produce a decolonial future folk with the earliest sonic communication tools at their disposal - the voice, the drum, and the Uhadi. Through dialogue, reflection, and projection, CALL IT ties together music of their ancestors and family with ideas about pre-colonization, present dystopias, and future utopias, to evoke and promote a combined sense of belonging that breathes process and protest.

It’s by bridging cultures and genres that CALL IT reimagines protest filled musics such as folk, jazz, disco, and hip-hop. They combine the flavor of their projects - Akinyemi, Dumama & KechouOracle Hysterical, and the Willo Collective - with musical guides like Nina Simone, Erykah Badu, Miriam Makeba, A Tribe Called Quest, Anderson Paak, Dawn of Midi and Hiatus Kaiyote - to channel their eclectic sound. 

As educators, Akinyemi, Gugulethu, and Dylan have led songwriting workshops in prisons, schools, foster care centers, and community centers around the world with non-profits such as Found Sound Nation, UBUNTU Academy, People’s Education, ASSITEJ, DeCoda the ensemble of Carnegie Hall, and Music Beyond Measure. CALL IT met on the road in 2018, touring in Florida, South Carolina, Maryland, and New York, as musicians and cultural diplomats within the prestigious OneBeat program - which connects socially active musicians from across the globe.